The Care and Crisis Help Line


Text: 741741

The Care and Crisis Helpline is a program of the Orleans and Genesee County's Mental Health Departments. It is a free and confidential, 24/7 crisis helpline answered by skilled “listeners.” It provides a safe and non-judgmental source of support for individuals in any type of crisis.


The Youth Bureau and its Advisory Board are responsible for county-wide planning of youth services. The Youth Bureau administers population-based funding made available to the counties by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. Services are provided for youth ages 0-20.

Youth Development Prevention (YDP) supports programs that provide opportunities for youth to gain important life skills and core competencies, and that allow youth to have meaningful roles in their communities. Youth development initiatives benefit young people in their homes and neighborhoods, in schools, as well as in foster care and residential treatment.  The goal is for all New York State youth to reach their full potential and become healthy, productive adults. No local match is required to receive YDP funds. 

The Bureau contracts with agencies and municipalities to provide prevention, intervention and recreation programming. Prevention programs are designed to reach the general youth population and address general developmental needs of all youth.  This is a top priority as the goal is to prevent delinquent acts from occurring.  Programs foster positive involvement and attachment of youth to family, school and positive peer groups, recognizing such commitments reduce the likelihood of delinquent behavior. 

Intervention programs are designed to deal with youth at risk of substance abuse, truancy, illegal activity and school dysfunction or who are already engaging in these behaviors.  The goal of these programs is still to keep youth connected with family and community and decrease risk-taking behavior. 

Current Youth Bureau contract programs are Orleans Juvenile Adjustment Services, ARC Camp Rainbow, Hoag Library and the LIFE Program.

Youth recreation programs serve our youth year round or during the summer months through drop in programs and structured sports.  The programs that receive state funds are Albion, Holley, Kendall and Medina Recreation Programs.

Recreation provides structured and positive use of leisure time including skill development and increased social skills.


Jocelyn Sikorski, Executive Director
2 Bank Street
Batavia, NY 14020 
Phone: (585) 344-3960 
Fax: (585) 345-3063