Legislature Members

Image of Bill Eick District 1 
Towns of Barre, Clarendon, Shelby 
William H. Eick 
Vice Chairman of the Legislature
10471 Freeman Road 
Medina, NY 14103 
Phone: 735-7363 
Image of District 1
Image of Lynn Johnson            


District 2 
Towns of Ridgeway and Yates and Shelby 
(Voting District #3) 
Lynne M. Johnson 
Chairman of the Legislature
12118 E. Yates Center Rd 
Lyndonville, NY 14098 
Phone: 765-2621 

Image of District 2
Image of Fred Miller

District 3 
Towns of Albion and Gaines 
Fred Miller
Minority Leader
5 Linwood Ave. 
Albion, NY 14411 
Phone: 589-7053

Image of District 3
Image of Ken DeRoller District 4 
Towns of Carlton, Kendall, Murray 
Kenneth DeRoller 
2498 Kendall Rd
Kendall, NY 14476 
Phone: 659-8647

At Large Legislators represent ALL of Orleans County. 
These Legislators are elected by the voters within the entire county. 
One must reside in the Western section of the County, one in the Central  section, and one in the Eastern section.


At Large - West
Merle "Skip" Draper
210 William Street
Medina, NY 14103

 Image of Don Allport   At Large - Central
Don Allport 
Majority Leader
3008 Crandall Road 
Albion, NY 14411 
 Image of John Defilipps   At Large - East
E. John DeFilipps,
4419 South Holley Rd
Holley, NY 14470
 Map of Orleans County