Crime Victims

Being a victim of crime can be a very traumatic experience. In addition, going through the criminal justice system as a victim of crime can be confusing, scary and at times a frustrating ordeal. The Orleans County District Attorney’s Office provides assistance to victims and witnesses of crime through the Crime Victim Witness Assistance Program. The program is funded by the New York State Crime Victims Board and the County of Orleans.


  • New York State Crime Victim Compensation: As a victim of crime, you may be eligible for compensation benefits to cover certain medical and counseling expenses, loss of earnings, essential personal property loss or funeral expenses which resluted from a crime.
  • Outreach: The program assists victims who have reported crimes to local law enforcement agencies.
  • Court Assistance: The program can provide court preparation, accompaniment and emotional support.
  • Referrals: Referrals can be provided to counseling agencies, shelters, medical services and others.
  • Probation/Parole Information: The program can assist victims who are in need of information from Corrections, Parole and Probation services.
  • Community Awareness: Arrangements can be made for a presentation on the program to your group or association.
  • Student Interns/Volunteers: Student internships and volunteer opportunities are available.


  1. to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion
  2. to be informed about the Criminal Justice System
  3. to discuss your case with the District Attorney
  4. to request restitution
  5. to due process in the criminal proceedings
  6. to provide a victim-impact statement to the court, prior to sentencing
  7. to be heard by the court at time of the defendent’s sentencing (ten days advance written notice is required)

Michelle Werth
Crime Victim’s Services Coordinator – District Attorney
Orleans County
13925 Route 31 Suite 300
Albion, NY 14411
Phone: (585) 590-4134
Fax: (585) 590-4126