Mission Statement: **The mission of the Orleans County 9-1-1 Communications Center is to provide all citizens a lifeline to all of the emergency service agencies within the county. Our goal is to be a reliable, courteous, and knowledgeable first link in the chain of organizations that provide law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical assistance for any individual who may request it.

We strive to provide this through the dedication of Public Safety Dispatchers, who maintain high standards of service and concern for individuals in need. Even as communications technology evolves, it is still a human voice that first answers the call for help. As always, the measure of our service is judged by the community we serve.**

The Orleans County E-911 Communications Center, located in the Public Safety Building, is a division of the Sheriff’s Office and is under the direct supervision of the Communications Coordinator. The center is the Public Safety Answering Point (P.S.A.P.) for Orleans County and is currently staffed by 9 full-time and 5 part-time Public Safety Dispatchers (PSD’s).

The center utilizes an 800 MHz trunked radio system and operates a state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch (C.A.D.) system. PSD’s provide 24-7 Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Dispatch services for the entire county. This includes the Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, and police departments in the incorporated villages of Albion, Holley, Lyndonville, & Medina. It also includes 13 fire departments, 5 ambulance providers, and Mercy Flight. Dispatch personnel can also communicate with the New York State Park Police & NYS Environmental Conservation Law Enforcement as well as State Parole Officers & County Probation Officers. PSD’s also have radio communications with all highway & public works departments. They can also communicate with surrounding counties.

The Communications Center has direct connections to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), eJusticeNY & the Integrated Justice Portal, the NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services, and the National Weather Service.


9-1-1 is the number to call for Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical response. Public Safety Dispatchers are trained professionals who will assist in getting help to you as quickly and as safely as possible. When you call 9-1-1 your Name, Address, & Phone # appears on a computer screen. The PSD will verify your information and ascertain the nature of your problem. Try to remain calm & answer all of his/her questions. DO NOT HANG-UP!! It is essential that the PSD obtains as much information as possible, especially for the safety of law enforcement officers responding to a “crime in progress”.

If your call is medical in nature, all PSD’s are Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified. This means they are trained to gather information from you relative to your medical emergency and provide you with vital medical instructions prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.


Some calls are not 9-1-1 appropriate. These calls tie-up emergency lines and PSD’s un-necessarily. Here are some examples:

  • Why is my electricity off?
  • Why is my cable not working?
  • What time do the fireworks start?
  • What’s the best way to get to the Motor Vehicle Bureau?
  • What is the phone # for Domino’s Pizza?
  • Can someone come & remove the bee’s nest from my tree?
  • Do I still have to go to court, even though it’s snowing?

Public Safety Dispatchers will not provide you with advice of any kind, including legal advice. They are not law enforcement officers, nor are they attorneys. They will also not provide you with any information concerning someone’s arrest or the condition of person(s) injured in a motor vehicle accident. If your call is not 9-1-1 appropriate, you will be instructed to hang-up & call the appropriate number, which will not be provided by the PSD.