A Sheriff’s Office for the People

We represent the highest order of law enforcement in Orleans County and answer directly to the people. The Orleans County Sheriffs department strives…

  • To Serve and Protect the citizens of Orleans County
  • To provide a safe and secure jail, providing necessary treatment to better prepare inmates to reenter society
  • To be visible and accessible
  • To maintain peace and order in Orleans County
  • To provide professional public safety dispatching
  • To properly receive and execute all legal and civil processes referred to the Office of the Sheriff
  • To deliver effective law enforcement services to all citizens of Orleans County
  • To Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office serves a population of 42,883 (2010 Census) and covers an area of 396 square miles on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in upstate western New York. The Sheriff’s Office provides full service 24-7 law enforcement to un-incorporated Orleans County, and varying levels of support to three full-time municipal police agencies (Albion, Holley, & Medina), and one part-time agency (Lyndonville). The Sheriff’s Office also operates the Orleans County Jail. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and is a Conservator of the Peace, a title that dates back to ancient times. He serves an elected term of four years. There are currently 103 employees of the Sheriff’s Office. (76 full-time & 27 part-time). They comprise both sworn and civilian personnel. Law enforcement services are based in the Public Safety Building, which is also home to the District Attorney’s Office and the County Probation Department. The Public Safety Building is located on State Route 31, in the Town of Albion. There is also a Marine Patrol office located at the Oak Orchard Marine Park on Point Breeze Rd., in the Town of Carlton. The county jail is located on Courthouse Square in the Village of Albion. Sheriff’s services are divided into several sub-categories, any one of which can be accessed on the left side of this page. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the 45th Sheriff of Orleans County. The men & women of the Sheriff’s Office are committed to making sure that our county is a safe place to live, work, & visit. We Thank You for visiting our website and remind you to contact us whenever we can be of assistance. We also welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Christopher Bourke, Sheriff
400 Public Safety Building
13925 State Route 31
Albion, New York 14411
(585) 590-4142 (Business Office)
(585) 590-4178 (Fax)
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