Day Care
If you need help paying for child care, call Claire Renko: (585) 589-3171

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For Parents and Caretakers

How much money can I receive?

If eligible, you can have some or all of your child care costs paid for, depending on your circumstances. Click I Want Help Paying for Child Care below to learn more.

What kind of providers can I use?

You are free to choose a provider that meets your needs so long as they are licensed, registered or enrolled as a legally exempt provider. You can even ask a family friend or relative to enroll as a legally exempt provider.

Is there a limit to how much money I can make and still be eligible?

In most cases, currently you cannot make more than 300% of the State Income Standard to qualify.

To screen for eligibility:
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How do I apply?

To learn how to apply and find out more, visit to the Help Paying for Child Care page.