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The federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), offers a comprehensive range of workforce development activities through statewide and local organizations. Available workforce development activities provided in local communities can benefit job seekers, dislocated workers, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities, and businesses.

WIOA Adult Program
Eligible adults must be age 18 or older. While eligible dislocated workers are generally individuals who have been terminated from their last employment and are unlikely to return to their previous industry or occupation, displaced homemakers and self-employed individuals also may qualify for these services.

WIOA Qualifications:
Dislocated Worker definitions 

The Dislocated Worker program is designed to help workers get back to work as quickly as possible and overcome barriers to employment. When individuals become dislocated workers as a result of job loss, mass layoffs, global trade dynamics, or transitions in economic sectors, the Dislocated Worker program provides services to assist them in re-entering the workforce. (taken from

Training Application

Trade Act Information 
TAA is a federal program that helps workers whose employment has been adversely affected by foreign trade. If you are currently unemployed and want to upgrade your skills, the TAA program may be able to help you.

Supportive Services for one of these programs may include:

Transportation assistance, Testing fees/ Licensing Fees/Finger Printing, Clothing and other work related items and other services such as 5 Hour Drivers Education course, car repairs and insurance payments outside of fines and Special Technology Reimbursement.

Please see the "Other Resources" page for other Employment- and Education/Training-related resources.

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