The Personnel Department serves as the central personnel agency for all units of Orleans County Government. It maintains all personnel records, salary schedules and fringe benefit programs for all 410 County Employees. The office provides recruitment and selection assistance by processing employment applications and approving applications for all County departments and appointing authorities throughout the County. The office is also responsible for assisting in labor contract negotiations for the two collective bargaining units within the County and the interpretation and administration of negotiated contracts. 

The staff also interprets New York State Civil Service Law and Orleans County Civil Service Rules and Regulations for County Department heads and other appointing authorities throughout the County. The department conducts civil service examinations and maintains eligibility lists and employee roster cards, certifies payrolls for all classified Civil Service Personnel of the County, ten towns, four villages, and six school districts, including Orleans-Niagara BOCES. 

The current staffing of the Personnel Office is a Personnel Officer and two Personnel Assistants.

The Personnel Office administers the New York State Civil Service Law for all public employers in Orleans County including all towns, villages and school districts. Currently, the total number of Orleans County Civil Service employees is approximately 1,691 employees. The office administers the Civil Service examination program, classifies all positions in the classified service, certifies public employer payrolls, reviews and judges all applications for examinations and temporary, provisional, labor and non-competitive appointments. Also, the office develops class specifications for all new positions as well as review and update existing specifications. 

During the 1894 New York Constitutional Convention, Article V – Section 6 was added to the New York State Constitution, giving birth to the New York State Civil Service System. The entire program is mandated by the State. In 1953, Orleans County chose to adopt the Personnel Officer version of Civil Service Administration replacing the three person Civil Service Commission and Executive Secretary that was in operation since the 1940’s. The underlying premise of New York State Civil Service is that public employees should be appointed based upon qualifications as demonstrated through competition on civil service examinations. 

The Orleans County Self-Insurance Plan administers the Workers’ Compensation program in compliance with the New York State Law, to provide entitled benefits with the New York State Law, to provide entitled benefits to all claimants in the most efficient and cost savings method while protecting the County against overpayments, abuse and fraud. 

Our participants include all county, town and village employees as well as all Orleans County Volunteer Firefighters. We are required to keep a Reserve Account and apportion costs between participants on an annual basis.

Katie Harvey  
Director of Personnel and Self Insurance 
14016 Route 31 West 
Albion, New York 14411 
Phone: (585) 589-3184 
Fax: (585) 589-3183