County Agricultural District
Orleans County Agricultural District

Orleans County, prior to 2016, consisted of three (3) Agricultural Districts.  Since then Orleans County has merged all the Agricultural Districts into a single countywide district. 117,400 acres are currently enrolled in Orleans County Agricultural District No. 1, which is approximately 47% of Orleans County.

Map of Approved Enrollments as of 2022

Printable form for 2023 Agricultural District enrollment:

Please be advised that if the land is put into the Agricultural District program, there are often restrictions on access by new, non-farm uses to public water and sewer services.  If a farmer were to put land into the program and then wanted to sell off building lots within the eight (8) year program period, those building lots may not be able to connect to any public water and/or sewer services.

Is my property in an Agricultural District?

If you would like to know whether a particular parcel is included in the Orleans County Agricultural District No. 1, please contact the Orleans County Planning and Development Office at 585-589-3198, or contact your local assessor.

Please check below for information and maps related to Orleans County’s Agricultural District.