Social Services

DSS benefits participants, please see below for information on how to protect your benefits from scammers.

Orleans County Switchboard
Phone: (585) 589-7000
Welfare Fraud Hotline: (585) 589-7177
Day Care – Claire Renko: (585) 589-3171

The Department employs approximately 80 individuals assigned to the following divisions:

Temporary Assistance: Temporary Assistance (TA), also known as Public Assistance (PA), is temporary help for needy adults, and children. If you are unable to work, can't find a job, or your job does not pay enough, TA may be able to help you pay for your expenses. This unit places heavy emphasis on identifying fraudulent applications both prior to and during case opening. It also assigns activities to clients that will assist them in locating employment to end or decrease their need for assistance. Determines eligibility and administers financial assistance such as:

Helpful Links:
  • Temporary Assistance | OTDA (
  • NYDocSubmit - applicants and recipients of Temporary Assistance (TA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), and Medicaid, who live in a participating social services district, can take a picture of their documents and submit them using a mobile device.

Child & Family Services: Caseworkers assist families in dealing with complex human problems that impair or prevent their families from achieving or maintaining independence. Provides casework services in the fields of:

Child Support: Assists custodial parent in proving paternity, filing support petitions in Family Court, and collecting Court Ordered Support obligations. The work utilizes a variety of databases, mailings and employer contacts to investigate the location of absent parents who are not currently paying on support orders.

Mary Grace Nenni, Commissioner
14016 Route 31 West
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: (585) 589-3170
Fax: (585) 589-7479

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Information: Protecting your benefits from scammers