County Clerk

The primary role of the County Clerk is that of Recording Officer, responsible for filing deeds, mortgages, leases, assignments, discharges, maps, census records, ag districts, business certificates, judgments, federal tax liens, military discharges, naturalization records, inquests, separation agreements and divorce decrees for the entire county.

As an agent for the Federal Government, the County Clerk is responsible for maintaining the Federal Tax Lien Docket and is established as a Federal Passport Acceptance Facility. All Supreme Court documents are the records of the County Clerk. The office is responsible to the Supreme Court as well as the Office of Court Administration in maintaining all active and closed civil and criminal files, money judgments, small claim assessment reviews, In-Rem Proceedings, mandatory surcharges and collection of all state imposed court fees. The County Clerk’s Office is the collector of all state transfer tax on deeds, mortgage tax on mortgages and must be familiar with the varying exemptions, rules and any applicable affidavits relating to said exemptions and rules. In this capacity, the office is directly involved with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. As a service to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation the County Clerk maintains a hazardous waste site information index. As a representative of the New York State Department of State, the County Clerk maintains the records for all Orleans County Notaries Public. The office collects applicable appointment fees upon a notary’s renewal, processes the renewal application, and when requested, will issue certificates of authentication. In addition to the maintenance of notary information, the County Clerk also files all Orleans County Certificates of Incorporation which are provided to us by New York State.

The County Clerk maintains her office at Courthouse Square.  The Orleans County Clerk’s Office is staffed with four full time persons being one Deputy County Clerk, two Index Clerks, and Pistol Permit Clerk.  

Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except from Memorial Day to Labor Day when the hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Last recording for our day will occur 45 minutes prior to closing. 

The office is located at 3 South Main Street at Courthouse Square in the Village of Albion.

You will find that the office maintains a constant, committed goal to provide impeccable customer service not only to each and every resident of this County, but also to any person in need of our assistance and guidance.

•    The Orleans County Clerk's office does not supply forms for recordings or filing.
•    We are not permitted to give legal advice.
•    You can obtain forms through an office supply shop or online.  


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2022 Orleans County Clerk/DMV Annual Report
2021 Orleans County Clerk/DMV Annual Report

DMV Fax: 585-589-2824
Clerk Fax: 585-589-0181

Nadine County Clerk head shot - Copy

Nadine P. Hanlon, County Clerk
3 South Main Street, Suite 1
Courthouse Square
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: 585-589-5334

Tracy A. Cliff, Deputy County Clerk
3 South Main Street, Suite 1
Courthouse Square
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: 585-589-5334

Pamela Boyer, Deputy County Clerk DMV
Orleans County Administration Building
14016 Route 31 West 
Albion, New York 14411 
Phone: 585-589-3214