Chief Administrative Officer

The position of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) was created to assist in the day to day administration of County Government. The CAO acts on behalf of the Legislature, implementing County policy and overseeing the activities of all County Departments. The CAO works with all Legislative Standing Committees to coordinate and oversee the implementation of all Committee directives and works with the Clerk of the Legislature and the County Attorney to develop the regularly scheduled Legislative Agendas. In conjunction with the Chairman of the County Legislature, the CAO represents the Legislature in contacts with political subdivisions, State and Federal officials, and other agencies. The CAO also serves as Budget Officer, being responsible for the direction, organization, and implementation of a financial plan for the operation of the Orleans County Government. This office also acts as the Records Management Office, which oversees the operation of the Records Center with staff support from the Buildings & Grounds Department. Additional duties include negotiating and administering labor agreements, administering the County’s Solid Waste Program, and oversight of the county’s procurement process. Overseeing Purchasing, the CAO works to consolidate all county purchases to obtain goods and services equitably through fair open competition at the least cost to the taxpayer while serving the interest of the county. State and County law govern all purchasing procedures including competitive bidding, bid advertising, contract award, administration, and requests for quotation. With the responsibility of being Risk Manager, the CAO is responsible for providing adequate protection from possible losses to County-owned property and to provide for the possible loss to the County from a liability situation.


John C. Welch, Jr., Chief Administrative Officer
14016 State Route 31 West, Suite 201
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: (585)-589-7053
Fax: (585)-589-1618

April L. Flesch, Secretary to the CAO
14016 State Route 31 West, Suite 201
Albion, NY 14411
Phone: (585) 589-7053
Fax: (585) 589-1618