Clerk of the Legislature
The main function of the office of the Clerk of the Legislature is to provide assistance to the seven members of the Legislature in any way required. The Legislature, as a whole, meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month with some exceptions (Meeting Schedule). At that time they debate issues which primarily have come to them through the Legislative Standing Committees. The Legislative Standing Committees (ten separate committees) meet once each month. At those meetings department heads bring current news, progress reports, concerns, and any issues they believe require legislative action. Any legislator may share current news, progress reports, concerns, or issues to the committee level or to the full legislative body for debate or action. Full agendas, any materials necessary, and resolutions are prepared prior to each Legislative Board meeting, at which time they are either adopted or defeated. The Office of the Clerk of the Legislature takes all of the minutes of these meetings for the full Legislature which in turn becomes the annual Book of Proceedings. This book also contains the adopted County Budget, summaries of Town Budgets, and various reports. For the Legislature to adopt Local Laws there are many procedural steps which must be taken in order to file the law with NYS. The vast majority of work done by this Office is governed by State rules and regulations, involving strict time frames in almost every aspect of our work. More duties involving strict timeframes include sales tax, mortgage tax apportionment, and preparation of voucher for audit. The Clerk is the custodian of the county vouchers, and this office is responsible for seeing that the vouchers are in “audit condition” before being submitted to the auditing legislator; after which checks are sent to the numerous vendors by this office. Additionally, the Clerk of the Legislature promotes the policies and directive of the Legislature within the context of County government. This office assists the Chief Administrative Officer with various functions, including inventory and purchasing. As you can see, this Office performs many functions for the governing body of Orleans County. We are always available to our citizens to answer any questions they may have or direct them to the appropriate individual or department. Please contact us any time.

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Lisa Stenshorn, Clerk of the Legislature
14016 State Route 31 West, Suite 201
Albion, NY 14411
Phone: 585-589-7053
Fax: 585-589-1618

Amberlyn Robinson, Deputy Clerk