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**Voters planning to vote by absentee ballot will no longer have the option to vote in person on a machine if an absentee ballot has been issued. This new statutory change requires voters who have been issued an absentee ballot and later decide to cast their ballot in person to vote via affidavit ballot.

Early Mail Ballot Request Portal                         Early Mail Ballot Request printable
Absentee Ballot Request Portal                          Absentee Ballot Request printable

Absentee ballots can be dropped off during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.)  
Extended hours are:          

If you are visually impaired or otherwise have a disability such that your disability requires you to use a special accessible absentee ballot that can be read by a screen reader, you can vote by using the:
Accessible Ballot Request Portal                       

Voters using the accessible absentee ballot system in need of printing services in order to print their ballot can access such services at certain public printing resources, including but not limited to, libraries, print stores, shipping stores, and office supply stores.  Voters should contact their local printing resources for details on the printing services offered.  Listed below are locations that offer public access to printers:

  • Albion—Hoag Library—(585) 589-4246
  • Holley—Community Free Library—(585) 638-6987
  • Kendall—Kendall Town Clerk—(585) 659-8721, ext 1
  • Lyndonville—Yates Community Library—(585) 765-9041
  • Medina—Lee Whedon Memorial Library—(585) 798-3430

In-person voting using an accessible Ballot Marking Device (“BMD”) during early voting or on Election Day is still available to voters with a disability who do not want to vote by absentee ballot using the accessible absentee ballot system.