Health Department Promotes Gas Station Safety

A necessary stop for all drivers, gas stations provide consumers with more than just fuel. With an increased number of gas stations providing food, clothing, children’s toys and everyday household items, the need for customer awareness rises.

Below are tips for your next fuel stop:

  • Always remove fuel cans from vehicle before filling
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Drive with caution and slowdown in parking lots
  • Make sure the fuel nozzle is correctly returned before driving off
  • Do not overfill your tank
  • Do not wedge objects into the nozzle trigger to provide continuous flow
  • Take advantage of store reward/loyalty programs

“We often see unsafe practices while inspecting gas stations. These potentially dangerous acts of negligence put everyone in the area at risk,” stated Ronald P. Mannella, Director of the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments (GO Health) Weights and Measures Program. “Our goal of consumer protection reaches beyond your wallet. We seek financial as well as overall health and safety for all customers.”

If an incident occurs, notify a store employee as soon as possible. A swift response in an emergency may be the difference between a minor incident and major disaster.

For more information about the GO Health Weights and Measures Program, visit